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We know what you're going through

By empowering your team to cope more effectively with strains and stressors you can improve morale, reduce absences and make a positive impact on your bottom line. Our mental wellbeing training and support can help you do just that.

Let us help you reap the rewards of putting mental wellbeing at the very heart of your company's culture.

The stats don't lie

Work-related ill health and occupational disease is on the rise in the UK.


UK workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/2020


working days lost in 2019 in the UK


of all working days lost to ill health caused by stress


working days are lost per year per case

* Estimates of work-related ill health are based on self-reports from the Labour Force Survey (LFS)

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Improving work/life balance

An audio guide for making work meaningful

Don't just take our word for it

Our mental wellbeing training and support is helping all kinds of people both feel better and do better.

The speed and efficiency that we were able to roll Companion out across the company was impressive. We started to hear great feedback from our employees from Day 1. Our employees loved the app, so when we rolled out the workshops our employees jumped at the hands on approach to the content and strategies and we're excited about integrating it all into our workplace.

As a global tech business operating in our new post-COVID agile working environment, our Companion relationship has been fantastic in assisting with our mental wellbeing training through meaningful and engaging online workshops. Having the experts on hand to provide relevant to our teams, and focus on the areas where they need it most, adds another dimension to taking care of people.

Companion is a core component of our team wellbeing strategy. Our employees are empowered with information and tools to proactively and confidentially manage their own mental health, while the workshops delivered are invaluable in ensuring the topic of mental health and our continuous learning around this remains at the top of our corporate priorities.

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