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How we got here

Companion was created in 2013 by psychologist Dr Robin Hart and product designer Dan Bladon. They met when Dan was struggling with stress and anxiety triggered by work and health-related challenges, and Robin introduced him to the world of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). That helped Dan get back on track.

Dan knew that the techniques Robin had taught him could help other people too, so he set out to create a supportive and effective tool that would use his skills and Robin's expertise to help all kinds of people in all kinds of workplaces. Companion was the result.

Key milestones

The first version of Companion was released


Companion was included in the NHS Apps Library


Companion became available for teams as well as individuals


First-round funding enables Companion to think even bigger


Companion joins employee engagement company, Terryberry!


Our team

Our team of expert advisors are clinicians and psychologists, researchers, designers and developers. Together they enable us to deliver the most effective tools and techniques in the most effective way.

Dan Bladon

CEO, co-founder

Dr Robin Hart

Chief Psychologist, co-founder

Dr Julia Dabrowski

Clinical Psychologist

Flora Dawson

Voice of Companion

Kate Maddison-Greenwell

HR Director

Ed Pentelow

Advisor - Product

Dr Cordelia Peel

Mental Health Coach

Jelena Radonjic

Career & Leadership Coach

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