Our approach

We have identified five key areas where even little changes can make a very big difference to how you feel. 

Mood management

You can’t change what happens to you, but you can change how you react to it. Tools such as talking therapies can be an enormous help in reframing those negative thoughts.


We all know that exercise can help the way we feel, but you don’t need to pump iron or charge around a track to get the benefits. Even gentle exercise can make an enormous difference.


Many of us have experienced this one: we feel bad, so we don’t eat properly - and that makes us feel bad, so we don’t eat properly. You can break the circle: eating better makes you feel better.


Life can be complicated. Finding the right balance between the competing parts of your life - work and play, family and friends - can help you feel happier.


We have all kinds of relationships: with our families, with our friends, with the people we study or work with. Discover how to get the best from them.