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If you're new to CBT or intrigued about finding out more, you couldn't have come to a better place. Here's Companion Apps 10 essential facts you need to know about CBT. 

1. CBT is a psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving.

2. CBT can be used as a short term intervention or applied over a longer period.

3. CBT has been researched more than any other psychotherapeutic model.

4. CBT is supported by substantial evidence showing its effectiveness in the treatment of a wide range of MH problems.

5. CBT can treat a range of anxiety disorders, depression, addiction, relationship problems, sleep problems, chronic pain and chronic fatigue problems.

6. CBT is goal orientated and outcome focused.

7. CBT draws on a range of cognitive, behavioural, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

8. CBT is collaborative, fun and adaptable to the individual's needs.

9. CBT focuses on how you constructively and healthily react to events rather than trying to change that which can’t be changed.

10. CBT is designed ultimately to help people learn techniques to work through their own problems without becoming reliant on therapy.


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Dan is the co-founder of Companion Apps and is excited by the potential of mobile to help people improve their mental resilience.


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