Learn handy tips and get useful tools for dealing with anxiety with psychologist Dr Robin Hart and other Companion experts.

And we're live! 

After 18 months of hard toil and mental sweat, the first verion of the Stress & Anxiety Companion is now available on the Apple App Store

It's over ten years ago that I realised I had issues with intrusive thinking. I dislocated my shoulder in 2003 snowboarding, and during the operation to pin the shoulder back in, the ulnar nerve in my right arm was damaged. Cue six weeks of intense shooting pains in my arm as the nerve gradually died. It took nearly a year for it to grow back. My hand writing is still shocking.

As the nerve repaired itself over that period, I experienced twitching in my right hand, specifically the right hand side of the hand and my ring and baby fingers. I started to believe this was the beginning of a serious illness but didn't mention these thoughts to anyone until they became so persuasive and painful to me it was really harming my enjoyment of the day to day. I confessed all to a helpful GP in 2005. 

From the GP, it was only two quick steps to meeting Dr Robin Hart, and my journey into the world of CBT, thought reframing and mindfulness began.

The Stress & Anxiety Companion is my way of using my knowledge of the benefits of CBT alongside the skills formed in my day job as a Digital Strategist, to produce something which can help people like me, manage their stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

It's not a replacement for therapy or medication, but a tool which can be used alongside both to help us each live more productive and happier lives.

I hope you enjoy using the app.

About the author

Dan is the co-founder of Companion Apps and is excited by the potential of mobile to help people improve their mental resilience.


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