About us

We’re Dan Bladon and Dr Robin Hart, and we founded Companion Apps to help people feel better. 

That’s something we know a lot about. We met in 2005 when Dan was experiencing difficulties with anxiety. Robin introduced him to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT for short. CBT is a talking therapy that can help people to reframe negative thoughts and build mental muscles to cope with life’s many ups and downs. 

Within two months Dan was feeling much better, and he was keen to use his and Robin’s talents and expertise to help other people.

There was just one little problem: back then, the technology wasn’t good enough. 

Dan didn’t want to create something you needed a computer for, because of course feelings of stress and anxiety don’t always come at convenient times. Dan wanted to create tools that were always there when you needed them, no matter when or where.

What Dan wanted to make was a mobile app.

Now that technology’s caught up with the idea, that’s exactly what Companion Apps was created to do. We want to produce apps that are useful and different, that can help people to feel better and that can deliver real benefits. 

Our first app is the Stress & Anxiety Companion. It’s a kind of Swiss Army Knife for anxiety and negative thinking: it includes tools to help you relax and deal with negative thoughts and feelings of anxiety, information about stress and anxiety, and innovative Companion Thought Cards that enable you to visualise and share key insights with friends and family.

We hope you enjoy using the app and our website.


Dan is the co-founder of Companion Apps and is excited by the potential of mobile to help people improve their mental resilience.

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Dr Robin

Robin is the co-founder of Companion Apps and is a psychologist with an expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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